Exterior Mouldings

About EverLast Technology

EverLast is a unique coating process that delivers durability, a smooth finish and unlimited design potential. The EverLast coating also provides a seamless, flexible, waterproof membrane that resists lateral movement, shear, and will allow for normal expansion and contraction.

These attributes provide Everest Mouldings customers with the benefits of a durable, beautiful product that has an easy installation process with no need for specialized tools - saving time and money.

How are the exterior mouldings made?
  • Everest Mouldings’s exterior mouldings start with 1 pound density of Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS) core. Everest Mouldings uses only heavy density, virgin and cured EPS as an architectural core.
  • The foam base is then formed into the exterior moulding’s shape using Computer Assisted Drawings (CAD). You may find what you need right away in Exterior mouldings catalogue, but just in case – you can submit your drawing and we will design a quick reproduction for you as a sample.
  • The EPS shape is covered with a reinforced fiberglass mesh
  • When the shape is finalized, the EverLast coating is applied to create a shell that seals the foam from the elements and provides it with high impact strength.
  • The mouldings can be coated with an acrylic modified stucco type finish. Any colour can be embedded. Enjoy the advantage of a maintenance-free, paint-free option.
How are the mouldings installed ?

Our mouldings are lightweight, easy to handle and don’t require specialty tools.

A basic wood-finishing saw will do great job cutting Everest’s mouldings.

Can your mouldings be installed on surfaces other then stucco ?

Yes, they can just as easily be installed on brick, plaster or stone.

How can I customize my exterior mouldings ?

Submit a CAD drawing to Everest Mouldings, or phone us at 1-877-300-6656 or 416-848-4123. We can provide a custom sample to you at no additional cost.

How do I finish the mouldings ?

Our mouldings are delivered ready to receive the finishing coat. There are a variety of architectural EIFS finishes which can be used with Everest Mouldings’ products as recommended by approved manufacturers. 

If you prefer, all of our shapes can be pre-finished with a variety of specialty coatings.

What is a life expectancy of your products ?

Everest’s mouldings come with the most comprehensive warranty in the industry. When installed according to Everest Mouldings’ specifications, our products will surpass your expectations. The durability of the EverLast coating ensures long-lasting, beautiful results.

What types of mouldings should I use for my project ?

We provide professional design services to help make your project a success. Consult with one of our moulding design specialists today.